Animal Abuse

More than 1,000 or more animals die because of animal abuse and creulty.Emotional problems cause pet owners to beat,stab or burn them up in fire.Examples of abusing are leaving your pet outside when it’s cold and really hot leaving the pet dyhydrated wit not food or water letting them suffer on their own to do something go to Do Something .Org  and your help pets not to go through that suffer anymore and help these pets find new homes with owners that will actually take care of these helpless animals.

spring break

2 more days until schools out for spring break .Im so happy!, because for spring break my plans are to hang out with my friends and sleep in the latest and go places like the mall out to eat and alot of fun things like that!

About Me

im  new to blogging and i dont know what blogging is and im the oldest out of  2 children i have 1 brother im 12 but be turning 13 may 27th i love music! im not a shy person i have alot of  friends! thats my little information that i shared with you! PEACE!